A Tapestry and A Teddy

I never did find a frame I liked for the tapestry kit I did last month, so I’m just going to post it here bare!

I haven’t done any tapestry since primary school, so this was a fun little project. My Nana has cleared out a ton of her old cover kit stash and turned it over to me, and I loved this little countryside scene so I stitched it up immediately. Obviously it’s much quicker to stitch than cross stitch or embroidery, but the quality of the wool was pretty poor so I didn’t totally love making it up. I’ll go have a trawl around some charity shops later this weekend to see if I can chance upon a correctly sized frame for it, I would like to give it back to my Nana to go on the wall of her new bedroom.

I’ve also been working on the third of six Beaded Elegance Christmas ornaments, which is this cute little teddy bear:

Christmas Teddy WIP

He needs some backstitch, couching and beading but I want to get him finished this weekend too. I’m not 100% sure yet if I want to make him up as another ornament or if I think he might be better as a card for a young neice – but then I’ll have an odd number of ornaments!

March 2016 Update

As I promised myself i would, I’ve gone back to work on my Pokemon picture, and it’s coming along quite quickly.

WP_20160401_23_05_17_Pro 1

There are lots of largeish, solid areas of colour so i can really enjoy watching the picture appear as I stitch.

I’ve also started work on a tiny little sampler for a super secret wedding. I got the pattern from a World of Cross Stitching magazine, and tried various different thread and fabric combos out. I actually started and unpicked it three times before I decided that the designer’s choice was probably best! Here’s what I’ve done¬†so far, it’s not much yet as I’ve only had one evening’s work on it:

WP_20160401_10_14_06_Pro 1

I think my lazy daisies are really improving from my earlier attempts! I don’t know what it is about this stitch that my hands just don’t seem to want to do. I can French knot no problem, I genuinely enjoy backstitching, but my lazy daisies look a bit lopsided and wilted most of the time!

And, just because i can’t seem to help myself, I’ve made a few more papercraft Christmas cards ūüėõ

Magnum Opus – Update 5

Page 9 of my mighty Pokemon picture is complete! Let me show it to you!

Pokemon Picture - Progress as of September 2015!

Pokemon Picture – Progress as of September 2015!

I’m so pleased, it took me only just a little over a month to complete this page, and that was a month that included extra hours at work, as well as my first time managing my own project and staff! Cross stitch really is a godsend for me during stressful times such as¬†these. No matter what my day at work has been like, I feel totally relaxed after an hour of stitching with a big old cup of tea by my side – or a glass of wine in the event of a¬†particularly rubbish day!

Here’s a close up of the page that I’ve just finished:

Pokemon Section 9

Pokemon Picture – close up of Page 9

The Pokemon in this section are not my favourites, it must be said – no offence to them or anything, I just prefer the cute and cuddly ones to the scary and weird ones! I thought maybe I should put in a little gallery of images of the individual Pokemon in this section, because there’s so much brown that it’s pretty hard to make out what’s what for people who aren’t familiar with them already! Hover your mouse over each¬†picture to see their names, if you’re interested ūüôā

(These pictures are largely the official artwork and are mostly taken from bulbapedia, I didn’t draw them and don’t take any credit whatsoever for them!)

Magnum Opus – Update 4

This month, I have mostly been completing Page 8 of my Pokemon masterpiece!

Pokemon Page 8 Complete!

Pokemon Page 8 Complete!

I can’t believe it’s actually coming together. I love working on this so much but I have to take a break after every page or I think I would start to get frustrated with the slow progress, all the colour changes and confetti stitches drive me mad after a bit.

I’ll have a think about my next little in-between project, but I have so many ideas in mind already! A holiday-themed stitch to bring the summer to a close? A few Christmas things to get a head start on cards? Some gifts for friends with occasions coming up? I have a huge bundle of dried lavender from my Nan’s house that I would like to use in some hanging sachets and pillow-bags too.

As always, there is too much I want to do and too little time -I really would like some more hours in the day! At least university is over and done with, and I can hang my certificate up with pride and forget the days of essay deadlines and exam revision for a while. All I have to worry about is Рwhat to stitch next?

Skyscape Progress Halted

I have really enjoyed stitching Skyscape so far, and have done quite a bit of it (by my standards). I felt like I was on a roll!

Skyscape progress to date

Skyscape progress to date

However, I have not even got halfway through and I have run out of the silver thread supplied in the kit. I have several different¬†silver threads in my stash, but none of them match exactly, and I don’t have the time to unpick all of the silver just so I can re-do it in a stash-friendly colour. I’ve contacted the kit manufacturer, Classic Embroidery, who have promised to send me some more, free of charge, as soon as they re-open…but that isn’t for another week or so yet. I am very pleased with their customer service, but just a little disappointed that I can’t keep stitching right away!

My question now is this: should I do all the other colours and fill in the silver last when it arrives in (hopefully) 2 weeks time? Or should I give in to temptation and start a new little project while I wait?

June 2015 – WIP Progress

June has been a big month for me РI have completed not a single piece of cross stitch but my final University post graduate submission for my current course. Hooray! All my spare moments have been spent researching, writing and preparing a presentation on my chosen topic, which was related to the local history and archaeology of my little town, and how our past has shaped our present culture. I was getting really stressed out nearing the deadline, but I have to admit I am quite proud of what I turned in. Now I have to anxiously await the results before I can decide what I will go on to do next.

To counter deadline stress, I did get in a few stitches here and there, so here’s some (very dark, sorry!) progress pictures:

Pokemon Progress June 2015

Pokemon Progress June 2015

Skyscape Progress June 2015

Skyscape Progress June 2015

I was a bit nervous doing the frame of the Skyscape first in case I mis-counted and ruined it forever, but I think I must have got it right since the lines met up in the middle!

I hope any¬†US readers are enjoying their holiday today, and that my UK readers are enjoying the glorious weather as much as me! Bring on the ice cream and barbecues, British summer usually lasts for a few days at most so let’s make the most of them!

Magnum Opus – Update 3

Page 7 is now complete! This one was really quick to do, but I had so much else going on that I ended up putting it aside for quite a lot longer than planned. Nevertheless, here it is:

Section 7 Complete!

Section 7 Complete!

I’m still really pleased with how this picture is coming together, and I hope I’ll maybe even get it finished before I reach 30, and officially become ‘too old for Pokemon’…

Here’s the big picture of what I’ve done so far.

Pokemon Picture - progress to date

Pokemon Picture – progress to date

I’m doing it page by page, so it won’t get any wider but there are half a dozen more rows to do downwards. I am also yet to reach my favourite Pokemon – Diglett!