Saturday Update – Nearly Done!

This week, I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my stitching, as I promised myself I would try to. I’ve finished all the cross stitches in both pieces that I’m working on, and only have the backstitch details and beads left to add.

Skyscape Progress Picture 10th October

Skyscape Progress Picture 10th October

Skyscape is really looking better now the art-deco linework is being added. I can’t wait to get this one up and framed with the Bioshock posters and things.

Snowman Progress Picture 10th OCtober

Snowman Progress Picture 10th October

I seriously love this chubby little snowman. I am genuinely excited to put the french knots in for his coal lump smile to go with his adorable rosy cheeks and carrot nose. It’s nice to be stitching this kind of scene when my house is so chilly that I can barely hold a needle at the moment, it makes me think of the positive things about this time of year instead of whinging about how cold I am all the time!

Also this week has been the Star Wars Battlefront beta, (which for the non-gamers in the audience means I’ve been running around in a video game re-enacting some of the best bits of the old Star Wars movies), and I have to say it has been amazing fun. I don’t know if there will be enough there to convince me to by this game day one, but the sound effects are straight out of the movies, the graphics are gorgeous and it really does capture the essence of the films for me. I honestly feel like it’s a dream come true for the little kid version of me who ran around on the playground with my friends pretending to be Princess Leia escaping the stormtroopers, or piloting an imaginary X-Wing through outer space. In fact, I think I’ll have to go play some more right now, before they take it away and make me pay actual money for it!

New Chart – Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Curtain Call

The hobbies which I am most passionate about are embroidery, of course, and video games. As a way to combine them, each year I like to stitch up a tiny little logo or image from each game I have finished and make them into a mini patchwork collage, as a sort of scrapbook of all the games i have enjoyed.

So far this year, I’ve had a hard time finding suitable small images to stitch up for some of the games, so I tried my hand at charting a few of my own little motifs. Here’s a sort of micro-sampler based on Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Curtain Call (What a title!)

Theatrhythm Curtain CallI’ve included the crystal, which is a very important plot element in most Final Fantasy games, with some space dyed thread and blending filament for a more glassy, crystalline look; the musical notes, as it is a rhythm game based on the soundtracks of the Final Fantasy series, which are worked in the three colours used as prompts for different types of button presses, and also the series initials in burgundy and gold, which are the colours most heavily featured in the game box art.

Anyway. I spent a couple of hours perfecting this and rather than keep it to myself, I thought I’d share it in case anyone found themselves with a need for such an obscure, niche design!

Help yourself to the PDF here: Theatrhythm Curtain Call PDF – But please don’t pay much attention to the thread colours listed in the key, as I don’t use DMC threads so I had to just take a wild guess at which ones looked kind of sort of similar to the colours I’d used!