Saturday Update – Nearly Done!

This week, I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my stitching, as I promised myself I would try to. I’ve finished all the cross stitches in both pieces that I’m working on, and only have the backstitch details and beads left to add.

Skyscape Progress Picture 10th October

Skyscape Progress Picture 10th October

Skyscape is really looking better now the art-deco linework is being added. I can’t wait to get this one up and framed with the Bioshock posters and things.

Snowman Progress Picture 10th OCtober

Snowman Progress Picture 10th October

I seriously love this chubby little snowman. I am genuinely excited to put the french knots in for his coal lump smile to go with his adorable rosy cheeks and carrot nose. It’s nice to be stitching this kind of scene when my house is so chilly that I can barely hold a needle at the moment, it makes me think of the positive things about this time of year instead of whinging about how cold I am all the time!

Also this week has been the Star Wars Battlefront beta, (which for the non-gamers in the audience means I’ve been running around in a video game re-enacting some of the best bits of the old Star Wars movies), and I have to say it has been amazing fun. I don’t know if there will be enough there to convince me to by this game day one, but the sound effects are straight out of the movies, the graphics are gorgeous and it really does capture the essence of the films for me. I honestly feel like it’s a dream come true for the little kid version of me who ran around on the playground with my friends pretending to be Princess Leia escaping the stormtroopers, or piloting an imaginary X-Wing through outer space. In fact, I think I’ll have to go play some more right now, before they take it away and make me pay actual money for it!

September Progress Update

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about what I want to do with this blog. I originally started it as a way to share and catalog my progress with my stitching, so I can see if I am improving at all, and get advice from the community. When reading other people’s blogs, I really love seeing their progress updates and watching their beautiful designs grow.

Since I only felt it was worth posting when I started or finished a project, I have been missing out on that aspect in my little corner of the internet, so I am going to try and do a weekly post  regardless of how much or little I’ve managed to sew in that week. Who knows whether or not I’ll keep it up, but I just feel like trying something new!

So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been up to this week:


Snowman Christmas Ornament

This cute snowman is about three quarters finished. He’s from a Dimensions kit with a set 6 beaded Christmas ornaments to stitch that I got from the lovely

Skyscape Kit - Progress

Skyscape Kit – Progress

This is the kit I talked about in an earlier post, the manufacturers kindly sent me more of the silver thread so I’m almost finished with this one too I think. Sorry for the terrible picture quality by the way, I only have time to stitch at night and the lighting plus flash is truly an awful combination!

Alright, well that was my week, let’s see if I manage another one of these next weekend! As always, I look forward to seeing everyone else’s inspiring updates too!

Floral Earring Keeper, or, More Things to Make with Cover Kits

After last week’s foray into Christmassy, wintertime things, I’ve returned to the land of bright, Summery florals, just in time for the English weather to perk up once again and bring a last blast of warmth before Autumn sets in.

I had a little root through the old cover kit stash to find something small enough to take to work and discovered a lovely padded ornament kit. I duly stitched it up and even managed to stick to the instructions this time, but when it came to making up the ornament, I just couldn’t do it as I was told! So, instead of a hanging ornament, I now have an earring keeper:
Earring keeper front

I added some sequins and beads, because everything has to be as shiny as possible or I am dissatisfied. I also did NOT add enough wadding – as you can see, it’s not the most circular circle in the world! It doesn’t help that my sewing machine is AWOL being borrowed by a relative, so I stitched it together quite hurriedly by hand, but with the pretty backing fabric and the shiny sequins, I’m pleased with it nevertheless 😀 Now it can hang on an arm of my jewelry tree and keep all my earrings in nice neat pairs for me!
Earring keeper Side

Magnum Opus – Update 3

Page 7 is now complete! This one was really quick to do, but I had so much else going on that I ended up putting it aside for quite a lot longer than planned. Nevertheless, here it is:

Section 7 Complete!

Section 7 Complete!

I’m still really pleased with how this picture is coming together, and I hope I’ll maybe even get it finished before I reach 30, and officially become ‘too old for Pokemon’…

Here’s the big picture of what I’ve done so far.

Pokemon Picture - progress to date

Pokemon Picture – progress to date

I’m doing it page by page, so it won’t get any wider but there are half a dozen more rows to do downwards. I am also yet to reach my favourite Pokemon – Diglett!


Stash Inheritance

Since a lot of my friends and family know that I am an avid stitcher, I tend to get quite a lot of miscellaneous stash handed down to me, with people saying ‘oh, my Nan/Aunt/Sister/Whoever doesn’t sew any more, can you use this?’ The answer is always a resounding ‘YES!’ because who in their right mind would say no to freebies?

A week ago, I acquired the mother-lode of stranded cotton stash:

Hundreds upon hundreds of colours!

Hundreds upon hundreds of colours!

Naturally, being a total neat freak and spreadsheet junkie, I immediately set about sorting, cleaning, de-tangling and organising. Look at how pretty they look all tidy and on bobbins!

The DMC threads sorted on bobbins

The DMC threads sorted on bobbins

However, I really started to struggle after I had separated out all of the modern threads. I was left with some Anchor / Clark and Co. threads that didn’t correspond to any numbered list I could find, even after hours scouring the internet for some sort of conversion list. They look like this –

Old Anchor threads - closeup

Old Anchor threads – closeup

In the end, I took a long shot and emailed Coats Crafts, who now own and make Anchor threads, seeking advice directly from the source. Amazingly, I received a response in less than 24 hours including a PDF converting all the old Anchor thread numbers into the new ones, which I shall include here, because I was totally unable to find it anywhere else online: Anchor Stranded Cotton numbers Old To New. I was so pleased with how helpful they were. They also included information on how to make these old threads colour safe for washing. and advice about their care.

I had run out of bobbins and boxes on the other major brands of thread by this point, but eager to complete my new filing and storage system, I grabbed some cigarette card holders from Robin Hood Direct on Amazon and filled a binder with the old Anchor threads, like so:

Sorted in binder

Binder filled with sorted threads in colour number order

Alongside this, I have completed a spreadsheet detailing what threads of each brand I have, how they correspond to each other, and in what box or binder they are each stored – because I am a massive nerd, apparently! I totally love how the binder looks, all filled with bright colours, and it really helps keep the threads clean and tidy, which is especially important given their age. I now want to transfer all my collection into binders, because it looks great and takes up so little space compared to the enormous bobbin boxes, which I now have 7 of!