New Start For January

I’ve moved on to page 12 of my Pokemon picture which is coming along nicely this week, here’s my progress since last Saturday:

Pokemon page 12 Update 1

The lighting is terrible as always, I only get time to stitch after dark these days! Roll on Summer and the shorter nights – and with that in mind, the new piece I’ve started is a Summer Sampler from the World of Cross Stitching magazine. I’ve got a beautiful piece of hand dyed evenweave from a Polstitches grab bag – why does Polstitches fabric always smell so amazing? – that looks like a summer sky, bright blue with just a hint of fluffy white clouds.

I’ve only stitched a couple of hours on this so far, but it’s cheering me right up!


Hurry up Spring, I believe in you! I remember a time when I could still feel my fingers and toes without thermals being required!

Finished Mini Sampler

I finished the sampler I started working on last week, and am generally pretty pleased with it. Here it is before mounting:


I’m just ever so slightly dissatisfied with the spacing of the words, I think they could have done with being one square to the right maybe? In any case, given the deadline for getting this done, I didn’t have time to mess around with changing it and then maybe changing it back and so on. I just had to mount it up and post it off, like so:

WP_20160407_22_16_11_Pro 1

I was trying to go for a sort of rustic / folk art kind of feel to go with the fairly traditional sampler, but as usual I got carried away and had to add something sparkly. Never mind, I know the recipient likes sparkles too!

And with this done, I’m back to focusing 100% on the Pokemon picture. Hopefully I can finish Page 10 this week!

March 2016 Update

As I promised myself i would, I’ve gone back to work on my Pokemon picture, and it’s coming along quite quickly.

WP_20160401_23_05_17_Pro 1

There are lots of largeish, solid areas of colour so i can really enjoy watching the picture appear as I stitch.

I’ve also started work on a tiny little sampler for a super secret wedding. I got the pattern from a World of Cross Stitching magazine, and tried various different thread and fabric combos out. I actually started and unpicked it three times before I decided that the designer’s choice was probably best! Here’s what I’ve done so far, it’s not much yet as I’ve only had one evening’s work on it:

WP_20160401_10_14_06_Pro 1

I think my lazy daisies are really improving from my earlier attempts! I don’t know what it is about this stitch that my hands just don’t seem to want to do. I can French knot no problem, I genuinely enjoy backstitching, but my lazy daisies look a bit lopsided and wilted most of the time!

And, just because i can’t seem to help myself, I’ve made a few more papercraft Christmas cards 😛

Granny Bacon – Yogscast Mini Sampler Card

I have a good friend who is pretty much a super-fan of a YouTube video group called The Yogscast, who make comedy videos based on popular video games. For his birthday, I wanted to make him a Yogscast themed card, so I looked up some of their most popular characters and shows and so on to get some inspiration. I quickly found one I liked a lot – an old woman known as Granny Bacon, who works at a greasy spoon cafe in a fantasy adventure land. The series she is from seems to be semi-improvised and is very funny! So, combining a line from one of her ‘scenes’ with some traditional style wedding sampler motifs, I arrived at this:

'Old Woman, I demand your finest bacon!'

‘Old Woman, I demand your finest bacon!’

I really enjoyed making this! It was silly and fun and quick to do, although I definitely need to work on my spacing of text. I was in a hurry to get it done in time and, I confess, I didn’t plan the lettering out, I just stitched it straight on, and it shows. Sadly, it appears Granny Bacon passed away (then was reanimated as a zombie), so maybe she needs a memorial sampler as well? There are plenty of good TV and movie quotes that I feel need the ‘sampler’ treatment and would make really good little cards!