Koi Vase

I recently completed┬áthis little keep-sake as a reminder of my time at university studying Japanese. I had an old Ikea frame that was the perfect size for it and just needed a bit of cheap gloss paint in colours to match! I particularly love the glittery aida, which came from one of several ‘clearance packs’ from sewitall.com that I grabbed at the last craft expo I attended. As well as this, there were several decent sized off-cuts of some really outrageous colours and prints that I cannot wait to find a use for. Of course, now I have far too much fabric, far too many ideas and nowhere near enough time to use it all – but I do have this little fishy to keep me company while I stitch! There are three or four more vases in the series that I would love to sew at some point as well, all based on real antique pottery.

‘Fin’ished and framed fishy!