Card Making Lessons!

I’ve been so busy this week that I barely stitched a single little X on any of my projects! Instead, a very kind lady at my office has been giving me a sort of introduction to paper craft, and I’ve been trying my hand at something a little different. I’ve made a few paper craft cards before for Christmases past, but I’ve never had a proper lesson on the basics, I’ve always just sort of made it up as I go along.

So, instead of a stitching post this week, I want to proudly show off my first ever decoupage card!

Poinsettia Christmas Card 2015

I know that to my very talented and experienced readers, this is probably laughably simple but nevertheless, I’m really pleased with it! I spent so long with my little craft knife cutting around those petals oh-so-carefully,┬áhoping it would turn out how I wanted. I have so much new found respect for papercrafters who make it look so easy to just swoop their knives around and produce perfect swirls and curves!

I hope with practice and a few more lessons I’ll be turning out a batch of beautiful decoupage cards to go with my stitched ones this year. And of course, as the weeks count down, I wish all my readers the very best of luck and speediest of needles for their own Christmas preparations!