Trying New Things

A lovely friend at work gave me some of the cardmaking equivalent of magazine cover kits, to help me try out new techniques. A lot of these things were probably super simple to veteran papercrafters, but it was all totally new and exciting to me. I made this thing!

Easel Card

It’s an easel card, which means the recipient can pop it up so that it stands like shown above. I mostly followed the instructions, but as I do with cross stitch, I got a bit carried away and just went off in my own direction a bit with gems and ribbons and so on.

The main thing that came out of these experiments is: when making funny shaped cards, what are you supposed to do for an envelope? I ended up just using some that were way too big, but it looked a bit scruffy and I wasn’t happy with this solution. Are there custom envelope sizes? Am I supposed to make my own? I never knew envelopes could be such a problem!

I’ve also been doing some tapestry this week, but I don’t want to show you that until I’ve found a suitable frame or finish for it.

6 thoughts on “Trying New Things

  1. I make my own envelopes if I need to using a scoring board but I have been known to just use oversized ones when pushed for time. Your card is lovely. 😊


  2. What a lovely card! Great job! I have made envelopes to fit some cards, but usually I use an oversized one. What you can to so that it doesn’t seem so unattractive, is slip a piece of double sided tape inside the envelope and fasten down so that now it just fits the card. Then use a decorative punch to punch something on the side with the tape 🙂

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  3. A very pretty card Chellie and love the ribbon you used. I usually just make them if they are small envelopes that are needed. There are lots of you tube tutorials out there on different ways to do this. Good luck


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