February Update

As February comes to a close and Spring gives way to Winter, I can’t help but notice that I am STILL stitching CHRISTMAS things! What is wrong with me!? I don’t know if it’s because I love Christmas so much, or I just can’t work up the energy to go through the stash box and sort out something a little more appropriate for the time of year. Looking back though, I was stitching Summer holiday things in December, so maybe as a stitcher I am destined to always be working on unseasonable things!

Here’s a Christmas card I put together from a cover kit using some of the techniques my card making-sensei has been teaching me:

Christmas Teddy card (1)

Christmas Teddy card (2)

I hope for my next update to have done something more substantial, now that I am fully back in good health, and my Postgrad courses are coming to a close. I would love love love to be able to get back to working on my Magnum Opus, so please be patient with me while I write up my final essay- I can’t wait!

Drama Free 2016

This year, I have decided, is going to be Drama Free 2016. After the roller coaster of non-stop crises and panics that was 2015, I am determined not to do anything at all this year to rock the boat – it’s going to be smooth sailing and calm waters for the whole of 2016. I’m going to focus on finishing the current modules of my University course, do my best at work without pushing for any more advancement or responsibilities, and take better care of myself, my family and friends. I think last year I was trying to do way too much at once and it all blew up in my face, horrifically and repeatedly – but no more, because this is Drama Free 2016!

To get my year off to a good start, I want to share some happy crafty news – I won a prize! I’ve never won a write-in contest in my entire life, so when an unexpected parcel from Cross Stitch Gold magazine turned up at my door, I was naturally very excited.

I’ve been sent 2 beautiful cross stitch kits for cushion covers from Golden Circle Designs: ‘Chelsea’ and ‘Dream of Alhambra’

Priza (1)         

They’re absolutely lovely designs, and perfect for me since my living room is decorated in navy and moss green. I hadn’t heard of this designer before, but all her designs are the sort of historically and folk-inspired projects that I’m really into at the moment, and if these 2 kits are anything to go by, they look to be very good quality. I am super excited to get started on these – the green one first I think – just as soon as I’ve finished up the remainder of my Christmas ornaments (yes, I know – it’s February and I’m STILL stitching Christmas things!)

I hope this lovely surprise is an indicator of good fortune and a drama free year to come, and I hope that all you readers are having a year that is exactly as exciting (or otherwise!) as you wish ❤