Floral Earring Keeper, or, More Things to Make with Cover Kits

After last week’s foray into Christmassy, wintertime things, I’ve returned to the land of bright, Summery florals, just in time for the English weather to perk up once again and bring a last blast of warmth before Autumn sets in.

I had a little root through the old cover kit stash to find something small enough to take to work and discovered a lovely padded ornament kit. I duly stitched it up and even managed to stick to the instructions this time, but when it came to making up the ornament, I just couldn’t do it as I was told! So, instead of a hanging ornament, I now have an earring keeper:
Earring keeper front

I added some sequins and beads, because everything has to be as shiny as possible or I am dissatisfied. I also did NOT add enough wadding – as you can see, it’s not the most circular circle in the world! It doesn’t help that my sewing machine is AWOL being borrowed by a relative, so I stitched it together quite hurriedly by hand, but with the pretty backing fabric and the shiny sequins, I’m pleased with it nevertheless 😀 Now it can hang on an arm of my jewelry tree and keep all my earrings in nice neat pairs for me!
Earring keeper Side

Magnum Opus – Update 5

Page 9 of my mighty Pokemon picture is complete! Let me show it to you!

Pokemon Picture - Progress as of September 2015!

Pokemon Picture – Progress as of September 2015!

I’m so pleased, it took me only just a little over a month to complete this page, and that was a month that included extra hours at work, as well as my first time managing my own project and staff! Cross stitch really is a godsend for me during stressful times such as these. No matter what my day at work has been like, I feel totally relaxed after an hour of stitching with a big old cup of tea by my side – or a glass of wine in the event of a particularly rubbish day!

Here’s a close up of the page that I’ve just finished:

Pokemon Section 9

Pokemon Picture – close up of Page 9

The Pokemon in this section are not my favourites, it must be said – no offence to them or anything, I just prefer the cute and cuddly ones to the scary and weird ones! I thought maybe I should put in a little gallery of images of the individual Pokemon in this section, because there’s so much brown that it’s pretty hard to make out what’s what for people who aren’t familiar with them already! Hover your mouse over each picture to see their names, if you’re interested 🙂

(These pictures are largely the official artwork and are mostly taken from bulbapedia, I didn’t draw them and don’t take any credit whatsoever for them!)