Magnum Opus – Update 4

This month, I have mostly been completing Page 8 of my Pokemon masterpiece!

Pokemon Page 8 Complete!

Pokemon Page 8 Complete!

I can’t believe it’s actually coming together. I love working on this so much but I have to take a break after every page or I think I would start to get frustrated with the slow progress, all the colour changes and confetti stitches drive me mad after a bit.

I’ll have a think about my next little in-between project, but I have so many ideas in mind already! A holiday-themed stitch to bring the summer to a close? A few Christmas things to get a head start on cards? Some gifts for friends with occasions coming up? I have a huge bundle of dried lavender from my Nan’s house that I would like to use in some hanging sachets and pillow-bags too.

As always, there is too much I want to do and too little time -I really would like some more hours in the day! At least university is over and done with, and I can hang my certificate up with pride and forget the days of essay deadlines and exam revision for a while. All I have to worry about is – what to stitch next?

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