Skyscape Progress Halted

I have really enjoyed stitching Skyscape so far, and have done quite a bit of it (by my standards). I felt like I was on a roll!

Skyscape progress to date

Skyscape progress to date

However, I have not even got halfway through and I have run out of the silver thread supplied in the kit. I have several different silver threads in my stash, but none of them match exactly, and I don’t have the time to unpick all of the silver just so I can re-do it in a stash-friendly colour. I’ve contacted the kit manufacturer, Classic Embroidery, who have promised to send me some more, free of charge, as soon as they re-open…but that isn’t for another week or so yet. I am very pleased with their customer service, but just a little disappointed that I can’t keep stitching right away!

My question now is this: should I do all the other colours and fill in the silver last when it arrives in (hopefully) 2 weeks time? Or should I give in to temptation and start a new little project while I wait?

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