June 2015 – WIP Progress

June has been a big month for me – I have completed not a single piece of cross stitch but my final University post graduate submission for my current course. Hooray! All my spare moments have been spent researching, writing and preparing a presentation on my chosen topic, which was related to the local history and archaeology of my little town, and how our past has shaped our present culture. I was getting really stressed out nearing the deadline, but I have to admit I am quite proud of what I turned in. Now I have to anxiously await the results before I can decide what I will go on to do next.

To counter deadline stress, I did get in a few stitches here and there, so here’s some (very dark, sorry!) progress pictures:

Pokemon Progress June 2015

Pokemon Progress June 2015

Skyscape Progress June 2015

Skyscape Progress June 2015

I was a bit nervous doing the frame of the Skyscape first in case I mis-counted and ruined it forever, but I think I must have got it right since the lines met up in the middle!

I hope any US readers are enjoying their holiday today, and that my UK readers are enjoying the glorious weather as much as me! Bring on the ice cream and barbecues, British summer usually lasts for a few days at most so let’s make the most of them!

3 thoughts on “June 2015 – WIP Progress

  1. Both of your stitchings look lovely. I look forward to seeing more of the Pokemon one as my kids and I played that when they were younger. I was even a gym leader at a local game shop where I took my kids and friends to play once a week. Ahhhh, memories. It will be interesting to see how many I can recognize and name from your cross stitch 😉


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