Magnum Opus – Update 3

Page 7 is now complete! This one was really quick to do, but I had so much else going on that I ended up putting it aside for quite a lot longer than planned. Nevertheless, here it is:

Section 7 Complete!

Section 7 Complete!

I’m still really pleased with how this picture is coming together, and I hope I’ll maybe even get it finished before I reach 30, and officially become ‘too old for Pokemon’…

Here’s the big picture of what I’ve done so far.

Pokemon Picture - progress to date

Pokemon Picture – progress to date

I’m doing it page by page, so it won’t get any wider but there are half a dozen more rows to do downwards. I am also yet to reach my favourite Pokemon – Diglett!


5 thoughts on “Magnum Opus – Update 3

  1. 30 is not too old for anything. As an almost 70year old, I can tell you I do not feel any older than you are and if I wanted to play a game the only restriction would be can I still do it, that being so you can carry on till you are 90 if you enjoy. Life is for living and never let anyone put a restriction on anything because of your age. Have fun with your sampler, I haven’t a clue who any of them are but its lovely and bright and colourful. Helen x

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  2. Rachel, in my last post I commented that “I haven’t a clue” regarding your Pokémon chart, but I have shared with my grandson (age 12) and he thinks you must be really cool and he loves the picture.


    • Oh I am so pleased to hear that there is another fan who has seen my work! I hope I can do it justice and get it finished one day soon! Thanks for sharing this 😀


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