Bargain Hunting!

I haven’t posted anything here for almost a month! It has been a very busy month with lots of commissioned work which I am unable to post publicly, and all the stress and excitement of buying a new car as well. So, instead of a progress update or a completion photo, all I have to share today is this little bargain which I stumbled across in a local charity shop:

'Protective Care' kit by Lanarte

‘Protective Care’ kit by Lanarte

I’m always so excited to find hidden treasures like this in charity shops! It is a complete, apparently unopened Lanarte kit of a super cute momma elephant and her calf for only a few pounds, as opposed to the £35 RRP tag still on the back from a UK craft superstore with outrageous prices that shall not be named here! In the past I’ve snagged a box of old cross-stitch magazines and books, as well as some beautiful unfinished crewel-work tablecloths which I hope to get round to restoring and completing some day.

I was lucky enough to see some elephants up close and in person at Kruger National Park, but these were not as placid and friendly as the ones in this kit – in fact, I think it is safe to say that it was a somewhat-near-death experience! We had not gone out with the intention of finding an elephant, and I suppose he was just as surprised to see us, and charged tusks-first towards our little van. The driver reversed at full speed around a stand of trees and out of the elephant’s sight-line, securing our escape! I wonder if he was also protecting a little family like these two in the kit.

Hopefully I will have some new charts and finishes up later this week, as my commission pile is almost clear!