Magnum Opus – Update 2

I’ve finished another section! Hooray! This is the 6th of 30 sections, I’m stitching it page by page so that I can do little projects in between and keep up with any commissions.

Section 6 of 30 complete!

Section 6 of 30 complete!

I just love stitching such a colourful project! Lots of reds, oranges and yellows went into this bit, and when I start the next square it will be mostly blues, greens and purples. The project has over 100 different thread colours, but more than 150 individual Pokemon characters, so it really was necessary for me to go out and buy so much thread…honestly!

My thread stash has to stay super organised for me to manage this sort of epic project – I have 6 different bobbin boxes and an Excel spreadsheet to remind me which numbered thread lives where, and which project it is being used for at any given time. My only problem is running out of a colour mid-section, because I didn’t plan ahead and buy several skeins. The answer, clearly, is to go out and buy one of those lovely crates with every available colour of DMC thread neatly arranged inside…A girl can dream!


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