Dragon Age: Inquisition Logo Chart

I attempted to do a little chart of the Dragon Age: Inquisition sigil for my mini wall hanging, but such a complex pattern was really difficult to miniaturize! Here’s the original compared with mine:

Dragon Age Inquisition Heraldry

Dragon Age Inquisition Heraldry

My interpretation - 1" x 2.5"

My interpretation – 1″ x 2.5″









To match the other motifs, I had to keep it less than 25 x 25 stitches, which was impossible in cross stitch, so I used a few stitches for the eye, then backstitch for the actual motif. I changed the colours to match the ones used in the PS4 home screen logo, since I thought they fitted the game better – the rifts which are so important to the story are all this colour.

I think I could have done a much better job if I had more space to work with, but it’s recognisable, and that’s what will be important. It will be one amongst many similar logos and icons, so it just needs to remind me of the game and my time spent in the world of Thedas. not necessarily be a perfect replica.

If anyone wants the chart to improve upon or stitch their own version, grab it as a PDF here: DragonAgeInquisitionLogo

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