Magnum Opus – Update 1

My Magum Opus – my ‘great work’ for 2015 is this ‘monster’ cross-stitch:

It doesn’t look like much at the moment, I know, but when it is finished it will (hopefully / eventually) be a wall hanging for my new house! It’s a roughly 75 x 150 cm cross stitch featuring all 151 original Pokemon from the game / cartoon / comic series of the same name.

I got the pattern from the excellent folks over at Sprite Stitch, which is an incredibly useful website with forums full of helpful and friendly people. It uses 105 colours, and even when stitched on the highest count fabric I could find in a large enough single piece, it will still be my largest cross stitch project to date.

So, here’s my progress so far! I love seeing each of the cute faces coming to life as I stitch. Working on this is an absolute delight, with so many bright colours and happy memories of growing up playing this game with my friends out on the fields in front of my house.

Progress on my Pokemon tapestry as of Feb 8th 2015

Progress on my Pokemon tapestry as of Feb 8th 2015

I think this might not mean much to any older readers without kids / grandkids my age, but Pokemon was a formative part of my friends’ and my childhood, so it means a lot to me – and I can’t wait to have this completed and up on my wall!

One thought on “Magnum Opus – Update 1

  1. I love the bright colours in this, though I am one of the oldies and didn’t take much notice when my children played these cames. I am having to follow by email as this will not allow my to follow with my WordPress account.


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