Welcome to my Atelier!

The official Anchor thread old-to-new conversion list can be found by clicking here: Anchor Stranded Cotton numbers Old To New

Please feel free to check out my gallery of work – some for friends and family, some custom requests made to order, and some just for me!

I specialize in decorative embroidery of all types, from cross stitch and patchwork to garment embellishment and costume work. Help yourself to free charts here (more to be added soon!)

Do you need a unique, custom made greetings card or gift for a loved one? Do you need help perfecting some detailing on a costume or clothing? Do you want a logo or design embroidered onto a bag, shoes, or any other fabric based item?

Contact me with your request, no matter how vague, complex, unusual or downright bizarre and I can help you come up with the perfect handmade, one of a kind solution!


Please note that any content, trademark, character, logo, or other material remains the copyright of its respective owner(s), and I in no way seek to claim ownership of or responsibility for the above.


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