Cover Kits With A Twist!

I love getting cover kits off magazines, because they are the absolute perfect size to carry around in my handbag and stealthily stitch on my lunch-breaks. They are almost invariably really high quality little designs as well, so it’s great to get them for a free bonus gift.

On the other hand, I tend to feel a little bit like I’m cheating when I stitch a design without any changes or personal input. I like to put a bit of my own creativity in everything I do, which can be difficult with such limited materials. The solution – I spent a few days digging up some old cast off card-making and paper-crafting bits and bobs from friends, and learning a few tricks of the trade, to help personalize these designs.

I had a great time with sequins, beads, ribbons, buttons and ink, a dash of lace and rather too much glitter! It reminded me of being a kid at primary school let loose with the art supplies, except I had to clean up after myself at the end instead of leaving the mess for a long-suffering teacher. I definitely feel like these cards are now really one of a kind, and I had a lot more fun flexing my creative muscles than just popping them in the provided card mounts, and I’d like to try my hand at paper-craft again in the future. Here are some of the results, I hope you like them:

Granny Bacon – Yogscast Mini Sampler Card

I have a good friend who is pretty much a super-fan of a YouTube video group called The Yogscast, who make comedy videos based on popular video games. For his birthday, I wanted to make him a Yogscast themed card, so I looked up some of their most popular characters and shows and so on to get some inspiration. I quickly found one I liked a lot – an old woman known as Granny Bacon, who works at a greasy spoon cafe in a fantasy adventure land. The series she is from seems to be semi-improvised and is very funny! So, combining a line from one of her ‘scenes’ with some traditional style wedding sampler motifs, I arrived at this:

'Old Woman, I demand your finest bacon!'

‘Old Woman, I demand your finest bacon!’

I really enjoyed making this! It was silly and fun and quick to do, although I definitely need to work on my spacing of text. I was in a hurry to get it done in time and, I confess, I didn’t plan the lettering out, I just stitched it straight on, and it shows. Sadly, it appears Granny Bacon passed away (then was reanimated as a zombie), so maybe she needs a memorial sampler as well? There are plenty of good TV and movie quotes that I feel need the ‘sampler’ treatment and would make really good little cards!

Koi Vase

I recently completed this little keep-sake as a reminder of my time at university studying Japanese. I had an old Ikea frame that was the perfect size for it and just needed a bit of cheap gloss paint in colours to match! I particularly love the glittery aida, which came from one of several ‘clearance packs’ from that I grabbed at the last craft expo I attended. As well as this, there were several decent sized off-cuts of some really outrageous colours and prints that I cannot wait to find a use for. Of course, now I have far too much fabric, far too many ideas and nowhere near enough time to use it all – but I do have this little fishy to keep me company while I stitch! There are three or four more vases in the series that I would love to sew at some point as well, all based on real antique pottery.

‘Fin’ished and framed fishy!

Clarice Cliff Tea Set

A cup of tea is the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon’s crafting – and this tea set combines my two favourite things perfectly! The designs, found in my Nan’s attic and adapted slightly, are based on the wonderful art deco ceramics of Clarice Cliff, and have been mounted onto a vintage tea towel, a decidedly not vintage tea cosy and a beautiful Twinings tea box. I’ve since made a similar set in an adapted colour scheme as a commissioned anniversary gift, but I couldn’t bear to part with this one!

Christmas Cards 2014

Here’s a small selection of the cards I made and sent this year to my family and friends – the ones I remembered to take photos of – mostly from kits this year as papercraft card orders took up all my personal crafting time!


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